Teacher shot by 6-year-old faces PTSD, bullets lodged in her chest – Demands $40M!

Richneck Elementary School in Newport News | Credits: The Virginian Pilot
Richneck Elementary School in Newport News | Credits: The Virginian Pilot

United States: A Virginia teacher named Abby Zwerner recalled the ‘horrifying’ look on the face of the six-year-old boy who killed her on January 6, 2023.

According to the reports, the little boy shot his teacher’s hand in her classroom. The incident took place at Richneck Elementary School in Newport News, Virginia.  

Still gets flashes of the incidents: Teacher!

January 6, 2024, marked a year since this incident; however, the teacher mentioned that she still remembers the face of the child as he pulled the trigger to shoot her. It is to be noted that the teacher now suffers from PTSD.

Virginia teacher named Abby Zwerner | Credits: Daily Mail

In addition to this, she mentioned that she is still having fragments of bullets in her upper left chest. She mentioned that a bullet passed into her body after passing through her hand.

“The same thing that stuck out to me is the student’s look on his face when he pulled out the firearm and pointed it right at me,” Zwerner was quoted saying by the KSN. Further, she expressed, “That look — and the look after the firearm went off. Traumatic. Horrifying.”

“I still have a bullet — bullet fragments — that remain in my upper left chest and, you know, still some scars that won’t go away either,” additionally she mentioned.

My life has turned upside down: Zwerner!

Zwerner explained that the shooting incident changed the trajectory of her life as she has been dealing with a lot of mental as well as physical setbacks post-incidence. According to KSN, she expressed, “I was moving forward in my career and looking forward to continuing my career year after year, then it just stopped.”

She added, “I had to basically sit back and, you know, observe all of my friends continuing their careers and continuing their lives, and I feel like I had setbacks — but not fair setbacks. I now live with trauma in my life. I live with PTSD, and that changes people.”

“No matter what terror a person might go through, it always stays with them, and I know it’ll always stay with me,” furthermore she mentioned, as per Daily Mail.

How did the incident unfold? 

According to the preliminary information, the child brought the 9mm handgun from his mother’s purse. The gun belonged to the boy’s mother, who was identified as Deja Nicole Taylor, 25 years old.

Taylor has been charged with felony child neglect and was sent behind bars for two (2) years. Additionally, as a punishment, she is ordered not to meet her son until he turns 18.

This is not the first time that Taylor has been sentenced; in November 2023, she was sentenced to 21 months in federal prison for using marijuana while owning a gun. She was charged with a felony gun.

The information revealed that on the day of the shooting, the six-year-old boy was dropped by his mother; he brought the gun in his pocket and then kept it in his pocket. He then shot his teacher in front of his classmates.

Reports have revealed that the boy informed his classmates about the firearm, and staff was also aware, following which his backpack was checked, but till then, he shifted the gun to his pocket, unveiled Zwerner in the lawsuit filed by her.

She is taking Newport News Public Schools to court, seeking US$40 million, claiming that school administrators showed negligence. Zwerner mentioned that the administrators didn’t take action despite several warnings that the boy had a gun that day. She also stated that ongoing concerns about the boy’s troubling behavior were consistently ignored by the administrators.

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